New jungle for Trekking

Hi ! I am a guide from Highland tour we want to tell all the treveller around the world that want to visit in Banlung for jungle trek. Now we are Found the new jungle for Trekking in Banlung. This jungle only our company. No touristic yet. If all treveller want to be Trekking without touristic please contact us…

Three days and two nights(cycling tours to Vernsai-SeamPang)

Day 1: after getting breakfast we will department from the Banlung town around 8:00am go to Versai districtsthat that 35km from the town. By the good bike with some staff for use. 

During traveling by bike we will see many action from the view and the minority people around of the road around the jungle. Some minority people farm rice file local houses and the mountain views. after 3hours we will be arrive in Vernsai town and we can visit with small market of minority, all and Khmer people that sell some staff over there before we across the Seasan river by ferry.

after 15mn on the ferry on the Seasan river we will be continue our bike along the small road that across with some local house that welcomming with the big smile from people that stay along the road.

arrive At the village(Bak ke) around 5 or 6:00pm and we will start rest for spend the night in that village.

After hold day on the bike everybody getting tired but we are still be happy because we can share ours experience and knowledge  with the people that stay in the village. Enjoy dinner and study about the culture and they life.

We sleep inside of the hammock with musquito net and blanket with local house.

Day 2: after have good sleep in the villages we will have breakfast and start to prepare our staff for continued our trip that we need to spend more long day to Seampang that have 40km more. 

With the good breakfast and we need to start a bit early so is good and easy for us for continued the trip. Is not really different for the way some we need to pass some sand muddy and up hill and down hill. We can enjoy lot of experience and study all the thing around us if you are ready for this.

 Arrive at Seampang around 5or6:00pm and we will be possible to spend the night i  the hammock or you can spend the night in the local house that possible for you to choose and start to prepare dinner and injoy new experince with the people in the villages with Lao people and Khmer people.

Day 3: get up early in the morning to see the activity of the people that stay in Seampang  and geting breakfast and we will be countinue our trip by local van that we need to spend around 2hours to go stung Treng town. and we will be arrive in stung Treng town around 11 or 12:00pm. And we will finish ours trip at stung Treng.

Any kind of trip is follow with your option that you can be.

More question and wondering is open.

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Three days and two nights campsite in the middle of the river

Day 1: in the morning we will be start from Banlung town around 8:30am in the morning after breakfast Countinue to Versai district that have 35km from the town. After 50mn by the good road that surround by the cashew nut farm,pepper farm,Rubber plantations, and Minority people house that can make you with the special view with mountain.after past good road we will be arrive with red road around 30mn we will be arrive in place we will keep ours transportation. Move all the staff to the boat that already wait for us in the port. After we traveling by the road we will change the view to see the pecial from the real life along the Seasan River with the Minority people getting fish net, grove the vegetable,some group of the bird or buffalo..after drive the motor boat withthe fresh air and

nice view around 50mn than we will be arrive in the minority farm and than we will start walking from the farm to the jungle. Trek to the jungle and we will study and get more experience from the jungle by ours guide that show you all the thing like: drinking water from the jungle,wood sweed, plian medicine, some group of the bird,chicken wild life, wildlife,some group gibbon or monkey(if we are lucky). Start getting lunch around 12:00pm(lunch box from Banana leaf) and than Countinue ours trek to the campsite that we will spend the night at there.arrive ours camp around 4:00pm than you can injoy with ours campsite (make the tan under the hammock with the musquito net and blanket).after you getting tired from the trek you can injoy swimming from the the Waterfall and and natural pool. After getting fresh we will injoy the everning meal from the Bamboo soup that prepear by our guide.duirng the dinner we can share the knowledges and experiences with the group to make it more fans.some people in the group can get more trek around the campside(night trek) to see the jungle animals and jungle birds.and than back to the campsite to have good sleep under the stars.

Day 2

In the second day we will get up around 6:00am in the morning to listen to the sound of the gibbon or monkey and we also can see them if we are lucky.back to the camp to have breakfast with the hot tea and hot coffee from the bamboo cup and than we will start to prepare the staff for trek on the second day. This day we will be trek around 5hours to get more experience and knowledge from the jungle that we will past by the nature and nice view from the hill.around 12:00pm we start to prepare our s staff to get lunch that stay nearby the river.

After getting nice food we will continue ours trek to the San River that we will spend the second nice at there. arrive on the sand around 4,5:00pm we will be start to prepare ours tan on the sand and you also can injoy to swimming in the river, fishing to get the fresh fish from the river ,test the Minority people wind and making the fire.

Day 3

Get up early to see nice sunrise and getting breakfast with hot tea and coffee than continue ours trip to the by boat to the village. In the last day is not trek any more we will continue our trip to see minority people villages to see how to feed the life,how to making product for use, chare experience and know with Kachock people. Stay nearby the village they also have the rice fields that can feed the hold life of the people in the villages and also the river side is very nice activity to see also.

After trek around to see the hold of the village we will continue o see the cemetery of the Minority people and study about the calture and how to celebrate of the ceremony them. Get lunch at the village around 12:00pm and rest around 30mn And than we start to get on the boat along Seasan River back to VernSai and than we will get on ours transportation coming back to the town. We will be back in the town around 4:00pm.

One day trip to cemetery

One day trip to kachah Cemetery

Tonle Sa San river trip . visit the villages it’s beautiful surrounding .Cemetery visit see the remnants of Khmer rouge leader Liston the story.


One day trip to Kachah Cemetery by 4 x 4 .Moto. Tuk tuk ,We take you to Kachah.Our board is waiting to take us. 4 a half  hour trip to the Tonle Sa San river to Koach peik .We visit the village and it”s surrounding.

We show you the remnants of the Khmer rouge leader want to bury the village to be executed by miracle they escaped there theater sentience the survivors now live a beautiful life.






In order to Gan two harvest of one each year .the village were the people from Surrounding village .We found to hang caber to construct a massive dam.the which hard to be dug out of course, by hard people were poorly fed while doing the hard labor people were tortured it they don’t work hard enough the was no second chance.the second chance was to be killed.

The Kachoh cemetery show the a remarkable resemblance of Thum poun cemetery. on the way back we can stop to see kreung village.






What that we will including.

_ Professional English speaking guide

_Save transportation by 4×4, Tok Tok or Motorbike two way

_Bord trip along Seasan river (24km) two way



_Village entrance fee

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